Basic Computer Multiple Choice Questions Quiz 5

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Basic Computer Multiple Choice Questions Quiz 5
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Basic Computer Multiple Choice Questions Online Quiz 5

1. A unique address which is used to identify a web page on the internet is called
2. "" is an example of
3. The company which provides Internet connection to the users is called
4. NFS stands for:
5. The interconnection of two or more computers that can share data and information is called
6. Google Chrome and Firefox is an example of
7. OS stands for:
8. Full form of DSL
9. A software which is used to access WWW or the Web is called
10. A collection of related web pages which contains multimedia elements is called
11. A type of network which covers a large geographic area is called
12. A powerful computer that provides services like sharing and storing of information and handles network traffic is called
13. A type of network which covers a small geographic area is called
14. A type of program used to find information from websites over the internet is called
15. Sending and receiving data, images and messages electronically is known as