Basic Computer Multiple Choice Questions Quiz 5

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Basic Computer Multiple Choice Questions Quiz 5
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Basic Computer Multiple Choice Questions Online Quiz 5

1. Sending and receiving data, images and messages electronically is known as
2. The interconnection of two or more computers that can share data and information is called
3. A type of network which covers a small geographic area is called
4. A software which is used to access WWW or the Web is called
5. A collection of related web pages which contains multimedia elements is called
6. Google Chrome and Firefox is an example of
7. The company which provides Internet connection to the users is called
8. OS stands for:
9. A powerful computer that provides services like sharing and storing of information and handles network traffic is called
10. NFS stands for:
11. A type of network which covers a large geographic area is called
12. A unique address which is used to identify a web page on the internet is called
13. Full form of DSL
14. A type of program used to find information from websites over the internet is called
15. "" is an example of