Billion to crore: Explanation, Conversion, and Real-life examples

Billion and crore are two different units used in different countries for dealing with daily life affairs and dealings. The term billion is used to represent larger numbers in shorter form. In India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh, the terms billion and crore are used.

There is a significant difference between the values of a crore and a billion. A billion is equal to 1000000000 and is said to be one billion. On the other hand, a crore is equal to 10000000 and one crore is equal to 10 million. While one billion is equal to hundred crores.

What is a billion to crore?

On a larger scale, a conversion of numerical values from one unit to another unit i.e., one unit of billion converted to one unit of crore is known as billion-to-crore conversion. A billion is a term used to represent a larger number in a significant form such as 1,000,000,000 is referred to as a billion.

While the term crore is formed when a number reaches to ten million (10, 000, 000). In general, 100 crores from one billion also said that one billion is equivalent to a hundred crores. When we have to convert a billion to a crore it means we have to convert the given amount of billion into an equivalent amount in crores. 

When we have a crore as a given amount then we have to express the given amount in the equivalent amount of a billion. The conversion of billion to crore or crore to billion can be done easily with the help of the below formulas.

Billion to crore or Crore to Billion

The conversion of billion to crore can be done through:

  • One billion = 100 crore
  • One crore = 1/100 billion

This means the conversion of billion to crore can be done by dividing the given value in billion by 10, 000. On the other hand, the conversion of crore to billion can be done by multiplying the given term in crore by 100. 


In the financial world, the debate and discussion about the conversion of billion to crore have increased in recent years. This debate is due to the investments, reports, and financial statements are in billion in many countries while in India, the financial statement is in crores. 

The result of these debates is that the capability of converting these units accurately will be helpful for investors and businessmen. The conversion of billion to crore is the quotient of the term in billion by 10,000.

For example, if 8 billion is to be converted into crores then we have to divide 8 billion by 10,000 such as:

1 billion = 1,000,000,000


8 billion = 8,000,000,000

8 billion = 8,000,000,000 / 10,000 crores

8 billion = 8,000,000,000 / 10,000 crores

8 billion = 800,000 crores

Hence, 8 billion is 800,000 in terms of crores. 

As the term lakh is commonly used in Bangladesh, India, and Pakistan for representing the number hundred thousand (100, 000) and the term hundred lakhs will be equivalent to one crore. Hence, one crore is equal to 100 lakhs.

 The conversion of lakhs, crores, and billon is very helpful and essential as a skill to do business, investment, or finance in Bangladesh, India, and Pakistan. The differences between billions and crores can have significant effects on financial decisions and investments, but it’s also worth remembering that billions are more valuable than crores.

For example, a sum of 100 billion dollars, may seem to be a substantial amount of money. The amount of 1,000 crores is still significant but may not seem as large when converted to crores. When we convert 1 crore into billions, we get 0.01 billion, which is still a substantial amount.

It is necessary to have a sound knowledge of the units of conversions with respect to countries and cultures. Such as one billion is equal to 1,000,000,000 in India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh while one billion in the United States and most of Europe is equal to 1,000,000,000,000 which is much larger as compared to Indian billion amount.

Hence, we can say that one billion in the united states is equivalent to one trillion in Asian countries. This understating of the conversion and meaning of units in different states is very essential for businesses and investors working globally.

Real-life examples of billion to crore

The conversion of billion to crore is necessary for various fields and there are several real life examples such as:

  • Business Investments
  • Government Budgets
  • Real Estate Transactions

The explanation of these real-life examples is given below:

Business InvestmentsGovernment BudgetsReal Estate Transactions
The amount of the investments in businesses and funds received must be billion or crores. The amount must be in similar units for the comparison of investments and making reports for stakeholders.For example, in order to report a 10 billion dollar investment to its Indian shareholders, a company must convert it into crores. An amount of 10 billion dollars is equal to 1000,000 crores.In various Asian countries, the government budgets are to be expressed in the term of crores as the term crore is used to represent the larger number. On the other hand, if a country receives foreign loans or aid from international organigrams, then the amount will be in billion. To present these loans or aids to the public, the government should convert the loan or aid amount to a crore. In the case of a 7 billion dollar loan, a country will need to convert it into crores before presenting it to its citizens. Using this example, 7 billion dollars is equivalent to 700,000 crores.Real Estate Transactions are involved a larger amount of sum of money. In the countries in which crore is used for representing larger numbers, their property prices will be in crores for dealing with investors. While if a foreigner wants to invest in that country, then he will have money in billions. But he would have to convert it into crores to understand the desired prices. Suppose a property is listed for 9 billion dollars, but a potential Indian buyer wants to know the price in crores. In this case, 9 billion dollars equals 900,000 crores.


The conversion of billion to crore or crore to billion is very critical for all of those who are dealing in finance, investing, and doing business in Asian countries. It is very important for them to remember that one billion is equal to 100 crores and one crore is equal to 100 lakhs.