Biology MCQs Multiple Choice Questions with Answers

Here we have compiled biology MCQs for students and professionals who are preparing for exams or interviews. A comprehensive topic wise coverage of Class 11 and 12 biology concepts for upcoming exams.

Solved frequently asked Multiple choice questions with answers for competitive exams like NTS, PPSC, FPSC, NEET, MCAT, MDCAT, MDCA, GAT, NAT, GRE, SAT entry test, etc.

Chapter-1 Biology MCQs

Liver MCQs
Cell Signaling MCQs
Infectious Diseases MCQs
Carbon and its Compounds MCQs
Vitamins and Minerals MCQs
Respiratory System MCQs
Phylum Mollusca MCQs
Health and Hygiene MCQs
Fiber to Fabric MCQs
Erythropoietin MCQs
Fossils MCQs
Cell Organelles MCQs
Chromosomes MCQs
Nutrition in Plants MCQs
Proteins and Amino Acids MCQs

Chapter-2 Biology Multiple Choice Questions

Entomology MCQs
Diseases MCQs
Immunity MCQs
Components of Food MCQs
Air Pollution MCQs
Lysosomes MCQs
Water Pollution MCQs
Solid Waste Management MCQs
Carbohydrates and Metabolism MCQs
Vitamins MCQs
Antibiotics MCQs
Plant Tissue Culture MCQs
Histology MCQs
Anatomy MCQs

Chapter-3 Biology MCQs with Answers

Viruses MCQs
Chromosomal Basis of Inheritance MCQs
Food Microbiology MCQs
Bioinformatics MCQs
Immunology MCQs
Carbohydrates MCQs
Structural Organization in Animals MCQs
Transport in Plants MCQs
Reproduction in Organisms MCQs
Respiration in Plants MCQs
Principles of Inheritance and Variation MCQs
Plant Growth and Development MCQs
Mineral Nutrition MCQs
Neural Control and Coordination MCQs
Digestion and Absorption MCQs

Chapter-4 Biology Frequently Asked MCQs

Organism and Population MCQs
Breathing and Exchange of Gases MCQs
Body Fluids and Circulation MCQs
Chemical Coordination and Integration MCQs
Cell Cycle and Cell Division MCQs
Biodiversity and Conservation MCQs
Microbiology MCQs
Biomolecules MCQs
Molecular Basis of Inheritance MCQs
Animal Kingdom MCQs
Ecology MCQs
Biotechnology MCQs
Plant Kingdom MCQs
Human Health and Disease MCQs
Genetics MCQs

Chapter-5 Biology MCQ for Competitive Exams

Microbes in Human Welfare MCQs
Reproduction in Flowering Plants MCQs
Enhancement of Food Production MCQs
Cell Biology MCQs
Reproductive Health MCQs
Biological Classification MCQs
Plant Anatomy MCQs
Animal Morphology MCQs
Evolution MCQs
Morphology of Flowering Plants MCQs
Animal Physiology MCQs
Living World MCQs
Human Reproduction MCQs
Human Physiology MCQs
Photosynthesis MCQs
Nitrogen Cycle MCQs
Molecular Biology MCQs
Chlorofluorocarbons MCQs
Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome MCQs
Vermicomposting MCQs

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