Biology MCQs Online Practice Tests for Competitive Exams

Here we have compiled topic-wise biology MCQs for students and professionals who are preparing for exams or interviews. Students can take these quizzes and check their results at the end of each practice test.

Solved biology multiple choice questions with answers for the preparation of competitive exams like NTS, PPSC, FPSC, SPSC, NEET, MDCAT entry test, etc.

Biology MCQs Online Tests:

Liver MCQs Online Test
Cell Signaling MCQs Online Test
Infectious Diseases Online Test
Carbon and its Compounds Online Test
Vitamins and Minerals Online Test
Respiratory System Online Test
Phylum Mollusca Online Test
Health and Hygiene Online Test
Fiber to Fabric MCQs Online Test
Erythropoietin MCQs Online Test
Fossils MCQs Online Test
Cell Organelles Online Test
Chromosomes DNA Online Test
Nutrition in Plants Online Test
Proteins and Amino Acids Online Test