Morphology of Flowering Plants MCQs Multiple Choice Questions Answers

1. The internal hydrostatic pressure in plants is known as:a. Turgor pressureb. Rigid pressurec. Essential pressured. Turbid pressureAnswer: a. Turgor pressure 2. Movement in plants occurs in response to the stimulus of light is known as:a. Photolysisb. Phototropismc. Phototaxisd. PhotonastyAnswer: c. Phototaxis 3. Movement due to external stimuli is known as…?a. Autonomic movementsb. Paratonic movementsc. … Read more

Evolution Multiple Choice Questions MCQs with Answers

1. Who proposed a mechanism for evolution, which he termed Natural Selection?a. Mendelb. Darwinc. Heisenbergd. ChattonAnswer: b. Darwin 2. Which organs are functionally different but structurally alike?a. Vestigial organsb. Analogous organsc. Homologous organsd. Developed organsAnswer: c. Homologous organs 3. The innate tendency of offspring to resemble their parents is known as…?a. Variationb. Heredityc. Inheritanced. ResemblanceAnswer: … Read more

Animal Morphology MCQs Multiple Choice Questions with Answers

1. Which of the following explains all the events in muscle contraction?a. Lock and key modelb. Sliding filament modelc. Evolutionary historiesd. Cytoplasmic approachAnswer: b. Sliding filament model 2. Who proposed the “Sliding filament theory” for muscle contraction in 1954?a. James Spudichb. Hugh Huxley and Jean Hansonc. Corid. Watson and CrickAnswer: b. Hugh Huxley and Jean … Read more

Plant Anatomy MCQs Multiple Choice Questions with Answers

1. In older woody tissue; the gaseous exchange takes place through:a. Stomatab. Aerenchymac. Lenticelsd. HydathodesAnswer: c. Lenticels 2. Who is known as the father of Plant anatomy?a. Aristotleb. Robert Brownc. Nehemiah Grewd. Carl LinnaeusAnswer: c. Nehemiah Grew 3. Bordered pits are found in:a. Sieve cellsb. Vessel wallc. Companion cellsd. Sieve tube wallAnswer: b. Vessel wall … Read more

Biological Classification MCQs Multiple Choice Questions with Answers

1. First phylogenetic system of plant classification was given by…?a. Hutchinsonb. Bentham and Hookerc. Eichlerd. Engler and PrantlAnswer: c. Eichler 2. Engler and Prantl published a phylogenetic system in the monograph:a. Historia Plantarumb. Origin of speciesc. Genera Plantarumd. Die Naturlichen Pflanzen FamilienAnswer: d. Die Naturlichen Pflanzen Familien 3. When R.H. Whittaker an American taxonomist purposed … Read more

Reproductive Health MCQs Multiple Choice Questions with Answers

1. The most important component of oral contraceptive pills is…?a. Progesteroneb. Growth hormonec. Thyroxined. Luteinizing hormoneAnswer: a. Progesterone 2. What is the term used to describe a medical procedure that involves removing a small sample of tissue from the cervix to check for abnormal cells, which could potentially lead to cervical cancer?a. Vasectomyb. Hysterectomyc. Colposcopyd. … Read more

Cell Biology Multiple Choice Questions MCQs with Answers

1. Cell biology began with the discovery of the cell in 1665 by:a. Loren Okenb. Robert Brownc. Robert Hooked. SchleidenAnswer: c. Robert Hooke 2. What is the work performed by Schleiden in cell biology?a. Write Micrographiab. Cell Theoryc. Discovered celld. Discovered nucleusAnswer: b. Cell Theory 3. How many basic components of a cell are there?a. … Read more

Enhancement of Food Production MCQs Multiple Choice Questions with Answers

1. Which of the following variety of crops is developed by hybridisation and selection for disease resistance against rust pathogens? Hint: Himgiria. Maizeb. Sugarcanec. Wheatd. ChilliAnswer: c. Wheat 2. The Green Revolution or the Third Agricultural Revolution in 1960; increased the agriculture production in…?a. Indiab. Mexicoc. Chinad. All over the worldAnswer: d. All over the … Read more

Reproduction in Flowering Plants MCQs Multiple Choice Questions with Answers

1. What is the function of sepals and petals?a. To provide foodb. Help in pollinationc. Release pollensd. Protect the stamens and carpelsAnswer: d. Protect the stamens and carpels 2. Which of the following male gametophyte produces gamete?a. Ovuleb. Microsporec. Nucellusd. IntegumentAnswer: b. Microspore 3. Where does pollen grain germinates to form a pollen tube?a. Ovaryb. … Read more

Microbes in Human Welfare MCQs Multiple Choice Questions with Answers

1. Which of the following is used for blood clotting during surgery?a. Streptomycinb. Antithrombin IIIc. Insulind. CaroteneAnswer: b. Antithrombin III 2. Which of the following is present in the gut of cows and buffaloes and responsible for the production of methane?a. Methanogensb. Cyanobacteriac. Fucus sp.d. Chlorella sp.Answer: a. Methanogens 3. Which of the following fungi … Read more