Important Computer Abbreviations Quizzes for Competitive Exams

This online practice quiz contains the most frequently asked computer abbreviations MCQs. These computer and information technology acronyms are compiled from past competitive exams.

As you know computer abbreviations MCQs cannot be ignored while preparing for computer-based competitive exams. So here we have compiled 200 important computer acronyms abbreviation quiz questions with answers.

Our online practice quiz will help you to secure high marks in your job tests. This quiz is helpful for all kinds of competitive exams and job test preparation.

Computer Abbreviations MCQs Quizzes:

Computer abbreviations quiz 1
Computer abbreviations quiz 2
Computer abbreviations quiz 3
Computer abbreviations quiz 4
Computer abbreviations quiz 5
Computer abbreviations quiz 6

Information Technology/Internet/Telecommunication Acronyms Quizzes:

Information Technology Abbreviations Quiz 1
Information Technology Abbreviations Quiz 2
Information Technology Abbreviations Quiz 3
Telecommunication Abbreviations Quiz 1
Telecommunication Abbreviations Quiz 2
Internet/Network Abbreviations Quiz
Cloud Computing Abbreviations Quiz
Blogging Abbreviations Quiz

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