Daily life Science Questions and Answer MCQ Test 13

Test Name Daily life Science Questions and Answer MCQ
Subject Category Everyday Science
Test Type Online MCQs Based Test
Total Questions and Score15, 15
Time Limit 15 Min
Who Should Practice this Test: Students, job seekers or professionals who are preparing for competitive exams, job interviews or jobs test.

Daily life Science Questions and Answer MCQ Test 13 for IBPS, SSC, CAT, XAT, MAT, TET, UPSC, Banking exams

1. The sharp bitter taster of unripe fruits is because of……………:
2. There are how many fat-soluble vitamins in the human diet?
3. Atom is made up of how many subatomic particles…?
4. The function of Hydrochloric acid (HCL) in our stomach is…?
5. Which technology is used in modern computers?
6. Which of the following vitamin is water-soluble…?
7. How many planets we can see from the earth without a telescope:
8. Chromosomes are made up of………?
9. Which language computer understands directly without translation?
10. What is the basic unit of heredity?
11. Which of the following month of the calendar year can lack a new moon?
12. Who is known as the father of the computer…?
13. The non-communicable diseases are also known as:
14. Which unit is used to measure the thickness of the ozone layer…?
15. A shooting star is also known as: