Enhancement of Food Production MCQs Multiple Choice Questions with Answers

1. Which of the following variety of crops is developed by hybridisation and selection for disease resistance against rust pathogens? Hint: Himgiri
a. Maize
b. Sugarcane
c. Wheat
d. Chilli
Answer: c. Wheat

2. The Green Revolution or the Third Agricultural Revolution in 1960; increased the agriculture production in…?
a. India
b. Mexico
c. China
d. All over the world
Answer: d. All over the world

3. Which of the following is not a step of plant breeding?
a. Collection of variability
b. Evaluation and selection of parents
c. Cross hybridization within a pure line
d. Selection and testing of superior recombination
Answer: c. Cross hybridization within a pure line

4. Purposeful manipulation of plant species in order to create the desired plant is known as…?
a. Plant systematic
b. Plant breeding
c. Plant monitoring
d. Biofortification
Answer: b. Plant breeding

5. Classic plant breeding involves which of the following?
a. Hybridization followed by natural selection
b. Hybridization followed by artificial selection
c. Artificial selection and domestication
d. Mutation breeding
Answer: b. Hybridization followed by artificial selection

6. Which of the following step is the backbone of the plant breeding programme?
a. Cross hybridisation
b. Germplasm collection
c. Selection of super hybrids
d. Selection of parents
Answer: a. Cross hybridisation

7. Where is the international Centre of wheat and maize situated? Hint: Spanish acronym CIMMYT.
a. Philippines
b. India
c. Mexico
d. Brazil
Answer: c. Mexico

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8. ‘Himgiri’ a variety of Wheat is resistant to…?
a. White rust
b. Mosaic viruses
c. Bacterial blight
d. Leaf and stripe rust
Answer: d. Leaf and stripe rust

9. What is the conventional method of breeding for disease resistance?
a. Hybridisation
b. Selection
c. Mutation
d. Selection and Hybridization
Answer: d. Selection and Hybridization

10. Which of the following crop is developed by mutation breeding and is resistant to yellow mosaic virus and powdery mildew?
a. Wheat
b. Chilli
c. Mung Bean
d. Okra
Answer: c. Mung Bean

11. Parohani Kranti which has resistance to yellow mosaic virus; is a variety of…?
a. Wheat
b. Cowpea
c. Chilli
d. Bhindi
Answer: d. Bhindi

12. Which characteristics of maize make it resistant to maize stem borers naturally?
a. High aspartic acid, low nitrogen and sugar content
b. Low nitrogen content and sugar
c. Low sugar content
d. None of these
Answer: a. High aspartic acid, low nitrogen and sugar content

13. Atlas 66 rich in protein is a variety of…?
a. Wheat
b. Maize
c. Rice
d. Bhindi
Answer: a. Wheat

14. Name the technique which is used to obtain a large number of plantlets by tissue culture method?
a. Macropropagation
b. Micropropagation
c. Somatic embryo
d. Totipotency
Answer: b. Micropropagation

15. Which bacteria are utilized in the gobar gas plant?
a. Cyanogenic
b. Methanogenic
c. Oncogenic
d. Pyogenic bacteria
Answer: b. Methanogenic

16. Which of the following American agronomist initiated the Green Revolution in the 1960s? Hint: Known as the “Father of the Green Revolution”.
a. Dennis Rodman
b. Jane Goodall
c. Norman Borlaug
d. M. S. Swaminathan
Answer: c. Norman Borlaug

17. Who first initiated the protoplast isolation by the mechanical method in 1892?
a. Henshel
b. Bergman
c. Klercker
d. Gabriel

18. What name has been assigned to the genus produced by a cross between cabbage and radish?
a. Brassicaceae
b. Hirschfeldia incana
c. Lysogenicophyll
d. Raphano brassica
Answer: d. Raphano brassica

19. Bioenergy is a renewable energy that is derived from:
a. Petroleum
b. Natural gas
c. Biogas
d. Biomass
Answer: d. Biomass

20. The breeding carried out between animals of different breeds is known as…?
a. Inbreeding
b. Consanguinity
c. Crossbreeding
d. Out-crossing
Answer: c. Crossbreeding

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