All About Oceans and Seas Quiz Questions

Test Name Oceans and Seas Facts Quiz
Subject Category World Geography GK
Test Type Online MCQs Based Quiz
Score / Total Questions 20 / 20
Time Limit 15 Min
Who Should Practice this Test: Students, job seekers or professionals who are preparing for competitive exams, job interviews or jobs test.

General Knowledge questions answers on Oceans and seas Quiz Online MCQ Test

Here we have compiled gk questions related to the world ocean (Arctic, Atlantic, Indian, Pacific and Southern). Important general knowledge facts trivia about world oceans and seas. Take this quiz for preparation of upcoming competitive exams and jobs tests.

1. Choose the correct statement about the seas?
2. Which type of water has more density??
3. What is the maximum depth of the Indian Ocean?
4. Why does everything float on the surface of the Dead Sea??
5. There are how many oceans which covers 70% of Earth’s surface:
6. Which of the following is the largest and deepest ocean in the world?
7. The lowest natural point (36,201 ft below sea level) on the Earth is located in the Pacific Ocean, known as:
8. What is the deepest point in the oceans of the world??
9. The area in the Pacific Ocean where many earthquake and volcano eruptions occurs is known as:
10. The world's largest ocean “Pacific Ocean” covers how much surface area?
11. Which sea has the lowest elevation point in the world?
12. Which of the following is the deepest sea in the world?
13. Which of the following is the largest sea in the world?
14. What is the maximum depth of the Pacific Ocean?
15. How much Earth’s surface area is covered by the oceans?
16. Which of the following ocean basin has the most trenches??
17. How much oxygen is produced by the oceans?
18. The Pacific Ocean contains how many islands?
19. Which of the following is the saltiest sea in the world?
20. What is the second-largest Ocean in the world?