Human Reproduction MCQs Multiple Choice Questions with Answers

1. At what stage is the gender of the baby determined during pregnancy?
a. Conception
b. First Trimester
c. Second Trimester
d. Third Trimester
Answer: C. Second Trimester
Explanation: During the second trimester of pregnancy, typically between weeks 16 to 20, the gender of the baby can be determined through a prenatal ultrasound or other medical procedures.

2. Which of the following is an unpaired gland in the male reproductive system?
a. Prostate gland
b. Seminal vesicle
c. Cowper’s gland
d. Barthoin gland
Answer: a. Prostate gland

3. Progesterone hormone is secreted by:
a. Corpus albicans
b. Corpus collosum
c. Corpus luteum
d. Corpus uteri
Answer: c. Corpus luteum

4. Sertolli cells are involved in:
a. Respiration
b. Nutrition of sperms
c. Excretion
d. Development of sex organs
Answer: b. Nutrition of sperms

5. Embryo with more than 16 blastomeres formed due to invitro fertilization is transferred into:
a. Cervix
b. Uterus
c. Fallopian tube
d. Fimbriae
Answer: b. Uterus

6. Testosterone is secreted by:
a. Leydig cells
b. Sertoli cells
c. Seminiferous tubule
d. None of these
Answer: a. Leydig cells

7. What is the purpose of tubectomy?
a. Prevent fertilization
b. Prevent Coitus
c. Prevent Egg formation
d. Prevent Embryonic development
Answer: a. Prevent fertilization

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8. Which of the following causes abortion in ladies?
a. Viruses
b. Bacteria
c. Algae
d. None of these
Answer: b. Bacteria

9. Which of the following promote accessory sexual character in females?
a. Androgen
b. Progesterone
c. Estrogen
d. Testosterone
Answer: c. Estrogen

10. Which of the following is not a secondary sexual character of females?
a. Presence of pubic hairs
b. Development of mammary gland
c. Menopause
d. More subcutaneous fat and fat deposits
Answer: c. Menopause

11. Which of the following is not a secondary sexual character in males?
a. Development of facial hair
b. High pitch voice
c. Enlarged penis
d. Enlarged larynx and deeper voice
Answer: b. High pitch voice

12. Sertoli cells are the functional component of seminiferous tubules; they function as:
a. Nurse cells
b. Reproductive cells
c. Receptor cells
d. None of these
Answer: a. Nurse cells

13. The cellular layer that disintegrates and regenerates again and again in humans is…?
a. Endometrium of uterus
b. Cornea of eye
c. Dermis of skin
d. Endothelium of blood vessels
Answer: a. Endometrium of uterus

14. In which of the following functional maturation of sperms takes place?
a. Vas Deferens
b. Epididymis
c. Prostate Gland
d. Seminal Vesicles
Answer: b. Epididymis

15. The total gestation period is usually about:
a. 300 days
b. 280 days
c. 270 days
d. 250 days
Answer: b. 280 days

16. The follicle that ruptures at the time of ovulation promptly fills with blood and forms a structure known as:
a. Corpus hemorrhage
b. Corpus luteum
c. Corpus albicans
d. Corpus collosum
Answer: a. Corpus hemorrhage

17. A lytic enzyme released by the sperm is:
a. Hyaluronidase
b. Trypsin
c. Helicase
d. Estrogenase
Answer: a. Hyaluronidase

18. Number of autosomes in human primary spermatocyte is…?
a. 34
b. 44
c. 64
d. 23
Answer: b. 44

19. Human sperm moves by:
a. Cilia
b. Flagellum
c. Basal body
d. Nucleosome
Answer: b. Flagellum

20. Which of the following hormone is released from the testes?
a. Progesterone
b. Vasopressin
c. Thyroxin
d. Testosterone
Answer: d. Testosterone

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