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Test Name: Iron Age Quiz
Subject Category: World History
Test Type: Online MCQs Based Quiz
Total Score / Questions: 15 / 15
Time Limit:20 Min
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Iron Age GK Quiz Questions Answers Online MCQ Test

1. Where did the Iron Age begin first in 800 BC?
2. Which of the following statement is correct about the Bards in Celtic cultures?
3. Which of the following language did the Iceni/ Eceni Tribe speak?
4. Which of the following tool was developed by the Iron Age people?
5. What tools were used by the Iron Age Celts?
6. Which of the following was the symbol of status in the Celtic society during the Iron Age?
7. When did the Iron Age end??
8. Which of the following events led to the beginning of the Iron Age??
9. Which of the following music instrument was used by the Iron Age Celts in 200 BC?
10. The end of the Iron Age is linked to which of the following events?
11. Which of the following were the main changes from the Stone Age to Iron Era??
12. Which of the following stone tool was used by the Iron Age people to grind corn in 400 BC?
13. Which of the following queen was the leader of the Iceni/ Eceni Tribe?
14. When did the Iron Age start in human history?
15. When did the Celtic civilization begin in Europe??