Liver MCQs Multiple Choice Questions with Answers

1. The weight of the human liver ranges from:
A. 1.30 kg to 1.56 kg
B. 1.44 kg to 1.66 kg
C. 1.36 kg to 1.71 kg
D. 1.68kg to 1.86 kg
Answer: B. 1.44 kg to 1.66 kg

2. Which of the following vitamins is stored in the liver?
A. Vitamin K
B. Vitamin D
C. Vitamin E
D. All of these
Answer: D. All of these

3. Which protein is produced by the liver?
A. Albumin
B. Keratin
C. Sceleroprotein
D. Globular protein
Answer: A. Albumin

4. Which of the following is the function of the human liver?
A. Production of bile
B. Metabolism of fats
C. Metabolization of carbohydrates
D. All of these
Answer: D. All of these

5. Where is the liver located?
A. Beside pancreas
B. Beside heart
C. Beside kidney
D. Above the abdominal cavity
Answer: D. Above the abdominal cavity

6. Which of the following is NOT an example of liver disease?
A. Fascioliasis
B. Chickenpox
C. Fatty liver disease
D. Gilbert’s syndrome
Answer: B. Chickenpox

7. Acute or chronic inflammatory disease leads to:
A. Increased albumin
B. Decreased albumin
C. Not affect albumin
D. Hemoconcentration
Answer: B. Decreased albumin

8. Largest gland present in the human body is:
A. Pancreas
B. Liver
C. Pituitary gland
D. Thyroid gland
Answer: B. liver

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9. Glucose is stored in the liver as:
A. Starch
B. Cellulose
C. Glycogen
D. Cellulose
Answer: C. Glycogen

10. Which of the following is not a function of the liver?
a. production of insulin
b. Detoxification
c. Storage of glycogen
d. production of bile
Answer: A. Production of insulin

11. Kupffer cells (also known as stellate sinusoidal macrophages or Kupffer-Borowicz cells)cells are found in:
a. Liver
b. Pancreas
c. Kidney
d. Spleen
Answer: a. Liver

12. Bile is produced by:
a. Pancreas
b. Liver
c. Thyroid gland
d. Aorta
Answer: B. liver

13. All of the molecules are synthesized by the liver, except:
a. Immunoglobulin
b. Albumin
c. Cholesterol
d. Lipoprotein
Answer: a. Immunoglobulin

14. Measuring the utilization of one of the following molecules is used to assess the liver function:
a. Glucose
b. Odd chain fatty acid
c. Galactose
d. TAG
Answer: a. Glucose

15. Hepatitis will lead to:
a. Weight gain
b. Weight loss
c. Brain tumor
d. Heart attack
Answer: b. Weight loss

16. Bile salts acts as an activator of which of the following enzyme?
a. Lipase
b. Pepsinogen
c. Pancreatic lipase
d. Trypsin
Answer: a. Lipase

17. Where is the Glisson capsule found?
a. Liver
b. Heart
c. Kidneys
d. Stomach
Answer: a. Liver

18. Which of the following vitamin is produced by the liver?
a. Vitamin D
b. Vitamin A
c. Vitamin B
d. Vitamin C
Answer: b. Vitamin A

19. How much bile is produced per day in adult human beings?
a. 100 to 200 ml
b. 400 to 800 ml
c. 800 to 1000 ml
d. 1000 to 2000 ml
Answer: b. 400 to 800 ml

20. Which of the following enzyme is a sensitive biomarker of alcohol consumption?
a. Aspartate transaminase
b. Alanine transaminase
c. Gamma-Glutamyltransferase
d. Alkaline phosphatase
Answer: c. Gamma-Glutamyltransferase

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