Microbes in Human Welfare MCQs Multiple Choice Questions with Answers

1. Which of the following is used for blood clotting during surgery?
a. Streptomycin
b. Antithrombin III
c. Insulin
d. Carotene
Answer: b. Antithrombin III

2. Which of the following is present in the gut of cows and buffaloes and responsible for the production of methane?
a. Methanogens
b. Cyanobacteria
c. Fucus sp.
d. Chlorella sp.
Answer: a. Methanogens

3. Which of the following fungi contains hallucinogens?
a. Morchella esculenta
b. Amanita muscaria
c. Neurospora sp.
d. Ustilago sp.
Answer: b. Amanita muscaria

4. Which of the following alga can be employed as food for the human being?
a. Ulothrix
b. Chlorella
c. Spirogyra
d. Polysiphonia
Answer: b. Chlorella

5. Which gases are produced in anaerobic sludge digesters?
a. Methane and carbon dioxide
b. Methane, hydrogen sulphide and CO2
c. Methane, hydrogen sulphide and oxygen
d. Hydrogen sulphide and CO2
Answer: b. Methane, hydrogen sulphide and CO2

6. Which of the following is used in the production of citric acid?
a. Clostridium
b. Saccharomvces
c. Aspergillus niger
d. Acetobacter aceti
Answer: c. Aspergillus niger

7. Which microbe is used for biocontrol of pest butterfly caterpillars?
a. Streptococci species
b. Trichoderma species
c. Saccharomvces cerevisiae
d. Bacillus thuringiensie
Answer: d. Bacillus thuringiensie

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8. A nitrogen-fixing microbe associated with Azolla in rice fields is…?
a. Spirulina
b. Anabaena
c. Frankia
d. Nostoc
Answer: b. Anabaena

9. A patient brought to the hospital with myocardial infarction which of the following medicine is given immediately?
a. Penicillin
b. Streptokinase
c. Cyclosporine
d. Stains
Answer: b. Streptokinase

10. Which of the following is used in making sugar and bread?
a. Lactobacillus
b. Clostridium
c. Saccharomyces
d. Penicillium
Answer: c. Saccharomyces

11. In cheese manufacture the micro-organisms are important for…?
a. Ripening
b. Souring
c. Resistance of spoilage
d. For souring and ripening
Answer: d. For souring and ripening

12. Which of the following animal’s milk is used for the production of Antithrombin III?
a. Camel
b. Cow
c. Goat
d. Donkey
Answer: c. Goat

13. The most common substance used in distilleries for the production of ethanol is…?
a. Corn meal
b. Soya meal
c. Ground gram
d. Molasses
Answer: d. Molasses

14. Which of the following is a mismatched pair?
a. Fruit juice ↔ Pectinase
b. Alcohol ↔ Nitrogenase
c. Textile ↔ Amylase
d. Detergents ↔ Lipase
Answer: b. Alcohol ↔ Nitrogenase

15. In which of the following processes CO2 is not released?
a. Aerobic respiration
b. Lactate fermentation
c. Alcoholic fermentation
d. None of these
Answer: b. Lactate fermentation

16. Which of the following are found in the guts of ruminants?
a. Acidophiles
b. Halophiles
c. Methanogens
d. All of these
Answer: c. Methanogens

17. Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) is used as…?
a. Biofungicide
b. Bio controller
c. Biopesticide
d. Bioweapon
Answer: c. Biopesticide

18. Before antibiotics; the first commercially available antibacterial was…?
a. Penicillin
b. Azithromycin
c. Prontosil
d. None of these
Answer: c. Prontosil

19. Which of the following is used as a substrate for the formation of alcohol?
a. Maize
b. Barley
c. Molasses
d. Sucrose
Answer: d. Sucrose

20. Antibiotics are not effective in…?
a. Fungal infection
b. Bacterial infection
c. Viral infection
d. All of these
Answer: c. Viral infection

21. Rhizobium-induced root nodules are internally pinkish due to…?
a. Leghaemoglobin
b. Carotenoid
c. Mauveine
d. Haemoglobin
Answer: a. Leghaemoglobin

22. Bacillus thuringiensis is widely used as…?
a. Insecticide
b. Weedicides
c. Rodenticide
d. Biofungicide
Answer: a. Insecticide

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