Microsoft MS Word MCQs Test Online Quiz

This page contains MS Word MCQs practice test questions that are asked in almost every job test or exam. We have compiled the most important and most repeated questions from past papers and exams.

Our test system will also help you to check your knowledge (GK) about computer application software Microsoft MS Office Word. We have covered complete MS Microsoft Word 2007, MS word 2010, Microsoft word 2016 shortcuts keys a to z.

Instructions for taking the online test:

  • Click the desired link to open a quiz
  • Each MCQ carries one mark 
  • Each question contains 4 MCQ, you can click the right option
  • If you want to see the answer of an MCQ you can click on “See Answer” Button
  • At the end of a quiz click on submit button to get your test result
  • Click on try again button to re-take the quiz

MS Word Practice Quiz:

MS Word Online Quiz 1
MS Word Online Quiz 2
MS Word Online Quiz 3
MS Word Online Quiz 4

MS Word Shortcuts Keys Quiz:

MS Word Shortcuts Keys Test 1
MS Word Shortcuts Keys Test 2
MS Word Shortcuts Keys Test 3
MS Word Shortcuts Keys Test 4