Reading Comprehension Online Test 4

Test Name: Reading Comprehension Online Test
Subject Category: English
Test Type: Multiple Choice Questions
Total Score / Questions: 8 / 8
Time Allowed:10 Min
Who Should Practice this Test: Students, job seekers, or professionals who are preparing for competitive exams and interviews.

Free Online English Reading Comprehension Practice Test 4

Read the following passage-4 carefully and then at the end of the passage click on the ‘Start Online Test’ button to begin the quiz.

The mysterious story of Anastasia, the youngest daughter of Czar Nicholas II, has captured the imagination of many people over the years. During his rule in Russia, the czar had planned to revoke some harsh laws established by previous czars, but some workers and peasants wanted more rapid social reform. In 1918, a group of these people known as the Bolsheviks overthrew the government and murdered the czar and what was believed to be his entire family on July 17 or 18.

Despite witnesses stating that all members of the czar’s family had been executed, rumors circulated that Anastasia had somehow survived. Several women over the years claimed to be Grand Duchess Anastasia, including a woman named Anastasia Tchaikovsky or Anna Anderson. In 1920, 18 months after the czar’s execution, Anderson was rescued from a river in Berlin. While recovering in the hospital, the doctors and nurses thought she resembled Anastasia and questioned her about her background. Initially, Anderson denied any connection to the czar’s family, but eight years later, she claimed to be Anastasia. She said that she had been rescued by two Russian soldiers after the czar and her family were killed and taken to Romania by two brothers named Tchaikovsky. She married one of the brothers, who took her to Berlin and left her there penniless. Unable to receive help from her mother’s family in Germany, Anderson attempted to drown herself.

Many individuals, including former servants and close friends of the czar, interviewed Anderson and said that she resembled Anastasia in terms of appearance and manners. Her grandmother and other family members, however, disputed that she was Anastasia. Anderson emigrated to the United States in 1928 under the name Anna Anderson because she was fed up with being accused of fraud. Even so, she persisted in her attempts to establish her identity as Anastasia, and in 1933 she went back to Germany to file a lawsuit against her mother’s family for an inheritance.

In the end, the court decided that it couldn’t confirm or refute Anderson’s claim to be Anastasia. The woman’s true identity is probably never going to be found, but her struggle to find herself has been the topic of several plays, movies, and books.


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