Space Quiz Questions Answers Online MCQs Test

Test Name Space GK Quiz
Subject Category World Geography
Test Type Online MCQ Based Quiz
Score / Total Questions 20 / 20
Time Limit 15 Min
Who Should Practice this Test: Students, job seekers or professionals who are preparing for competitive exams, job interviews or jobs test.

Space General Knowledge Questions Answers Quiz Online MCQs Test

1. When was the NASA established?
2. Which of the following is the first private rocket company to send NASA astronauts to space?
3. Which of the following is the largest SpaceX rocket?
4. Who was the first person to travel in outer space?
5. Which of the following lunar exploration mission was launched by India in 2019 that failed?
6. When was the SpaceX founded?
7. Which of the following cosmonaut spent the most time in space nearly 438 consecutive days??
8. Which of the following is the first artificial satellite sent into space in 1957??
9. NASA stands for…??
10. The headquarters of NASA is located in which city?
11. What was the first vegetable eaten by American astronauts that was fully grown in space?
12. Which of the following entrepreneur is the founder of SpaceX?
13. Why did NASA quarantine Apollo astronauts who landed on the moon??
14. Who is the real inventor of telescope??
15. Which is the most common type of star in the Milky Way Galaxy??
16. The headquarters of SpaceX is located in which city?
17. Who was the first human to walk on the moon???
18. What are the two ways that all planets move??
19. Which of the following is the first commercial spacecraft to deliver goods to International Space Station?
20. Which of the following is the biggest most powerful telescope??