What is an onboarding buddy program? Responsibilities of an onboarding buddy

An onboarding buddy program is a current employee who serves as a new hire’s support system through their onboarding experience. This type of program is designed to help new employees acclimate to the company culture and their specific roles, and can be a valuable tool for both the company and the new hires themselves.

The Difference between Buddies and Mentors

The roles and responsibilities of onboarding buddies and mentors differ slightly. Onboarding buddies, which are often paired with new hires in similar roles, provide informal support during the onboarding process. Mentoring programs, in contrast, are more formal and structured, with an emphasis on long-term career development within the company.

Benefits of Assigning New Employees a Buddy

  • Providing Context: Onboarding buddies can provide new hires with important information about the company, their specific role, and the unspoken rules of the organization.
  • Boosting Productivity: Introducing new hires to the company through the buddy system, which involves having them shadow current employees, ask questions about the job, and work on introductory-level tasks together, can improve their comfort level and increase productivity.
  • Improving New Employee Satisfaction: Introducing a new hire to an existing employee who has succeeded in the position can help calm their fears, provide better training on their tasks, and increase their general satisfaction in the position.

Example of an onboarding buddy

An example where an onboarding buddy might be very important is in a fast-paced, high-stress environment like a busy restaurant. In a restaurant, new employees must learn not only the standard policies and procedures but also the flow of the kitchen, how to properly handle food, and health and safety regulations. Having a designated onboarding buddy who can show them the ropes, answer their questions, and help them feel more comfortable in the new environment can be a valuable asset in ensuring that new hires are able to start working efficiently and effectively as soon as possible.

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Responsibilities of an Onboarding Buddy

The following responsibilities are common for individuals participating in an onboarding buddy program in most industries.

  • Meet the New Employee on Their First Day: The onboarding buddy should be waiting to greet the new hire as they enter the office to ease their first day’s tension.
  • Introduce the New Hire to Other Employees: The onboarding buddy should introduce the new hire to as many co-workers as possible, especially direct team members they will work with on a regular basis.
  • Answer Questions about the Job and the Company: The onboarding buddy should be able to answer the new hire’s questions about the company and their specific role, using their firsthand experiences.
  • Take the New Employee on a Tour of the Workplace: The onboarding buddy should give the new hire a workplace tour, highlighting any areas that are unique to the company and the areas of the office that the new hire will likely spend most of their time.
  • Teach the New Hire Unfamiliar Tasks: Onboarding buddies should teach the new hire unfamiliar tasks and provide guidance to help them get familiar with their new role and responsibility.

Overall, the onboarding buddy program is a valuable tool that can help new hires to successfully transition into their new roles. By providing context, boosting productivity, and improving satisfaction, onboarding buddies can make a real difference in the success of new hires and the company as a whole.

Onboarding buddy FAQs

How is the onboarding buddy chosen?

The process for choosing an onboarding buddy can vary depending on the company. Some companies may assign a buddy to new hires based on department or role, while others may allow new hires to choose a buddy from a list of volunteers.

What should I ask my onboarding buddy?

You can ask your onboarding buddy about their experiences at the company, what their role entails, what the company culture is like, any tips for succeeding in your role, and any questions you may have about the company or your specific role.

What makes a good onboarding buddy?

A good onboarding buddy is someone who is approachable, knowledgeable about the company and their role, and willing to share their experiences and help the new employee navigate their new job.

How do you introduce an onboarding buddy?

The process for introducing an onboarding buddy can vary depending on the company. Some companies may introduce the new employee to their buddy on their first day, while others may schedule an introduction later in the onboarding process. It’s important to make sure the introduction is formal and official by someone from the HR or management team.

What should a new hire buddy do?

A new hire buddy should be available to answer questions and provide guidance during the onboarding process. They should also help the new employee get to know their colleagues and understand the company culture. They may also help the new employee with specific tasks or projects and help introduce them to any key stakeholders

How do you evaluate a buddy?

The process for evaluating a buddy can vary depending on the company. Some companies may use metrics such as employee retention rates or satisfaction surveys to evaluate the effectiveness of the buddy’s guidance and support. Others may conduct formal evaluations, or use more informal methods such as feedback from the new employee or their supervisor.

How do you ensure that the onboarding buddy is a good match for the new hire?

To ensure a good match, companies may look at factors such as role, department, and personality when pairing a new hire with an onboarding buddy. Some companies may also allow new hires to choose a buddy from a list of volunteers, which can help ensure a good match as well.

How long does the relationship last between an onboarding buddy and a new hire?

The length of the relationship can vary depending on the company and the needs of the new hire. Some buddy relationships may last only through the initial onboarding period, while others may continue for several months or longer.

Is there any evaluation in place to measure the effectiveness of the onboarding buddy program?

Yes, some companies may use metrics such as employee retention rates or satisfaction surveys to evaluate the effectiveness of their onboarding buddy program.