World History MCQs Questions Answers for Competitive Exams

Here we have compiled questions related to the history of the world. Our quizzes are specifically designed for the preparation of competitive exams and job test preparation.

We have covered only important historic events, wars, revolutions, dynasties and empires. Topic-wise online MCQs-based practice tests for NTS, PPSC, FPSC, UPSC, SSC, IBPS etc.

Stone Age Quiz
Bronze Age Quiz
Iron Age Quiz
Ancient Mesopotamia Quiz
Ancient History Quiz
Top 50 Middle Ages History Questions Answers
Ancient Egypt Quiz
Ancient China Quiz
Ancient Rome Quiz
Ancient Greece Quiz
Middle Ages Quiz
World War-I Quiz 1
World War-1 Quiz 2
World War-II Quiz 1
World War-2 Quiz 2
Mayan Civilization Quiz
Inca Civilization Quiz
Aztec Civilization Quiz
Indus Valley Civilization Quiz
French Revolution Quiz
American Revolution Quiz
Haitian Revolution Quiz
Russian Revolution Quiz
Chinese Revolution Quiz