Best OCR Readers for Education and Swift Scanning

OCR (Optical Character Recognition) uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning) for scanning and extracting text. You can find that OCR readers and scanners play a crucial role in the education sector. They mainly utilize to scan, recognize, and extract every single element from existing document photos and store them in digital files. In addition to that, OCR tools process efficiently for students and teachers as they make research easier and more efficient as they work to a great extent for text detection. OCR readers are capable of extracting written or printed text from photos or document files. In this context, we are going to shortlist a few best OCR software that works to a great extent regarding scanning, recognizing, and extracting text.

Remember that OCR plays a crucial role when dealing with business cards, invoices, passports, bank statements, and other suitable print media. Fortunately, the legit utility of entertains you with advanced OCR conversions for free of cost, also it provides a business card scanner app for both iOS and Android devices. 

1. Wondershare PDFelement:

If you want an easy-to-use OCR PDF scanner that falls under the affordable bracket without sacrificing efficiency, look at PDFelement. It’s free cross-platform software that houses all document editing tools. It can quickly scan PDFs and extract editable texts. This free OCR tool lets you edit PDF documents with fonts, shapes, freehand drawings, annotations, etc. And after that, you can convert PDF to Word, Excel, PPT, and more.

PDFelement provides you with the best OCR PDF Scanner that is highly affordable and works without sacrificing the quality of the file. It is indicated as a cross-platform program that is loaded with all document editing tools. Give a try to this program right now to scan PDF and extract editable texts within no time. This is the best OCR tool that functions to edit PDF files with shapes, freehand drawings, fonts, annotations and more. Once you have done that all, you could turn PDF into Excel Word, PPT, and different other compatible formats. 


  • Cross plat-form support, lets you work on Android, iPhone, macOS, and Windows
  • Loaded with batch rendering
  • Entertain you with advanced and super-fast OCR processing
  • Works for recognizing text in over 20 languages
  • Lets you transform scanned photos into editable Excel, Word, PPT, and text
  • Wide array of PDF editing tools
  • Offers pocket-friendly pro plan
  • Lets you review and compare two different PDF documents

2. ABBYY FineReader:

If your business is small and you want to deal with lots of documents, then ABBYY FineReader is the one-stop solution for you. Give a try to this handy utility that lets you manage your documentation like a PRO. It is indicated as a full-fledged program that uses an advanced AI OCR process for retrieving, editing, and sharing documents. With this OCR tool, you can view, edit, and navigate PDF files by rearranging, merging, deleting, rotating, and splitting. It works well on both Mac and Windows devices with no hassle. The upside is that this program works to update metadata such as author, title, keyword, and more. Besides that all, you can now readily verify your Adobe PDF document by adding an e-sign with this program. 


  • Simple to navigate UI and neatly organized
  • Works perfectly for adding unique annotations and comments
  • Super-fast way to scan and turn text into pdf, text, ppt, and other formats
  • Significant tool to handle batch documents
  • Support 192 languages
  • Collaborative editing support

3. Nanonets:

If you’re seeking for an online OCR reader that proceeds with virtually any image or document file, then Nanonets is the perfect option. It is loaded with an easy-to-navigate dashboard and even supports different volumes of input data. No matter whether you have printed or handwritten context, this tool uses the latest OCR technology to extract from images as well as document files. The most auspicious parameter of this OCR scanner is that it lets you import unstructured data and quickly extract only the specific fields that you require. You could also fetch its standalone OCR services to work with ID Cards, invoices, passports, ID cards, driver’s licenses (US) and certain receipts. 


  • loaded with advanced annotations services
  • Lets you proceed with team collaborators for editing concerns
  • Accounts for extracting document fields with precise outcomes
  • Entertain you with integrations with OneDrive, Gmail, Dropbox, and more
  • Functions to process documents or image

4. Adobe Acrobat Pro DC:

Get Adobe Acrobat DC right now which is indicated as a full-fledged OCR scanner and document program for Mac and Windows OS. First, you have a learning curve with this program to get advantage of huge collections of tools. For instance, it is fully integrated with a Document Cloud feature that lets you edit your documents on any device. In addition to the OCR scanner, this tool works for digitally adding feedback, comments, markups, and sign forms. 


  • Works best for editing and converting compatible files to PDF
  • Swift way to sign and share forms and documents
  • Functions to encrypt PDF documents using password
  • Instant way to compare two PDF documents
  • Lets you proceed with Adobe Document Cloud service
  • Packed with Adobe Acrobat Reader mobile application

5. Cardscanner:

Its name clearly stated that this online web-based program is loaded with the best card scanning feature. You can get the best business card reader, organizer, and scanner that uses the OCR process to turn your paper business cards into digitized form. You can now scan and extract text from your paper visiting cards by using your iOS and Android devices. The most apparent reason to add this OCR scanner to this list is that it offers you multiple online OCR-based converters including jpg to word, image to text, png to excel, jpg to PDF, and more. Remember that this conversion source entertains you with bulk (batch) file transformation without compromising the quality of the text for free of cost. Also, no sign-up is required or any limitation takes place, just drag and drop the files on which you want to process OCR and hit the Convert button to get the properly scanned files right there. 


  • High-quality OCR-based results with no hassle
  • No special skills are required to proceed, simple and elegant UI
  • Huge variety of online OCR conversion tools such as image to text, jpg to doc, png to excel, jpg to excel, and more
  • 100% free for batch image and scanned PDF photos conversion
  • Download Zip files for free
  • Multiple file exporting options
  • Provides you with a full-fledged and easy-to-use editor for extracted text
  • No formatting distraction
  • Business card scanner (iOS & Android)

Thankfully, you explored a few best OCR readers that help to tackle all the basics and advanced issues that you people facing during OCR processing.