English MCQs Online Test Quiz for Competitive Exams

English MCQs online test contains multiple-choice questions with answers for competitive exams preparation. General MCQs-based quiz of English for job’s test preparation. As we know English MCQ questions are a compulsory part of any test or exam. You must prepare the basics and advanced topics of English. Our online English quiz series is helpful for the preparation of competitive exams. like NTS, PPSC, FPSC,  interview preparation, job test preparation.

We have tried to cover all the topics related to English MCQ like prepositions, synonyms, antonyms, active and passive voice, spelling test, grammar correction multiple choice questions with answers.

Prepositions MCQs

English Preposition Test 1
Preposition Online Test 2
Preposition MCQ Test 3
Preposition MCQs Test 4
Prepositions Online Test 5

Synonyms MCQs

Synonyms MCQ Test 1
Synonym Online Test 2
Synonyms Online Test 3
Synonyms MCQs Test 4
Synonyms MCQ Test 5

Sentence Correction MCQs

Sentence Correction Quiz 1
Sentence Completion Quiz 2
Sentence Correction Quiz 3
Sentence Correction Quiz 4
Sentence Correction Quiz 5