5 Best and Most Recommended Tools for Students to Try Out Today

Online tools have become a vital part of everyone’s life as they are allowing individuals to do their job quickly and more efficiently.

Nowadays, students also have the freedom to complete their assignments using online writing tools and complete their educational tasks quickly.

These AI-powered online tools not only boost the working speed but also help in making the content more appealing.

There is a list of online tools that are required in this regard and all of them have a different job to do.

In this blog, we will reveal some of the best and most recommended online writing tools that students need to try out for making their assignment writing job easier.

Best Online Tools for Students

Here is the list of top online tools that can be helpful for students in writing new assignments and getting top grades on exams. Let’s discuss each of the tools in detail.

1. Rephraser.co

Rewriting the assignments is quite a time-taking process because you have to read the content first that you are looking to recreate. 

After that, understanding the context and figuring out the most important points is another difficult job. And there will be no surprise if you ever miss the important points in your content while rephrasing it.

So, the best way to avoid this hurdle and boost your rephrasing speed is by getting help from an online rephraser that will allow you to recreate the content in multiple ways.

This AI-powered rephraser online comes with different modes of paraphrasing that include blog, general, academic, creative, fluency, and anti-plagiarism mode.

With the help of academic paraphrasing mode, you can rewrite the old assignment without changing the tone of the content.

Furthermore, this mode can also come in handy if you want to polish the quality of your already written assignment and give it a formal essay look.

One of the best features that you will get in this online paraphrasing tool is that it comes with a huge library of synonyms that helps in avoiding the duplication factor and making the lines unique.

Furthermore, this AI-powered online rephraser tool makes sure to keep the lines simple and easy to read.

2. Paraphrasetool.ai

Here comes another paraphrase tool that you can use to recreate the already written assignments and give them a new look without disturbing the real meanings of the lines.

You will get different modes of paraphrasing in this AI online tool that includes creative, anti-plagiarism, fluency, formal, SEO, and academic modes.

Other than that the blazing fast working speed of this online paraphrasing tool helps you do the job quickly and save a lot of your time.

Furthermore, this AI paraphrasing tool makes sure to prevent the duplication factor in the content and keeps the lines free of plagiarism.

One of the best features that you will get in this paraphrasing tool is that it never makes changes in the context of the lines and provides you with a new version of the assignment having the same meanings.

3. Online-notepad.net

No need to keep a pen and paper all the time when you have this online notepad. It comes with a lot of features that allow the students to note down the important points.

This online text editor comes with three different interfaces that include plain text note, rich text note, and task list.

From making the to-do list to writing a complete assignment, this online notepad tool will come in handy in all ways and make your job easier.

One of the best features that you will experience in this notepad online tool is that it comes with the Google search option.

Once you are done with writing the assignment in this online notepad, you can download the new file to the device. This online tool allows you to save the file in different formats that include PDF, txt, and doc.

4. Grammarly.com

While writing the assignment, you may make some unintentional mistakes in the lines that could disturb the fluency of the text.

For it, the best element is to get help from this online grammar checker and maintain the fluency of the text. 


When you upload content in this AI-powered online tool, it goes through each of the lines and highlights all the mistakes that are creating any disturbance in the content.

You can eliminate those errors from the content and make the lines easy to read for the readers.

Other than that, Grammarly also gives suggestions for text enhancement that can give a unique and appealing look to the lines.

5. Turnitin.com

Submitting the assignment without checking the plagiarism in the lines is risky. While collecting the information from different resources, there are chances that you may add some copied lines in the assignment and this will reduce the authenticity of your text.

For it, Turnitin is the best solution that will help you check the plagiarism factor in the content. So, you can check the plagiarized content in this AI-powered tool and increase the uniqueness of the assignment.

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When you upload the text in this online tool, it matches each of the lines on the search engine with the relevant topics.

The text that gets matched with any other source gets highlighted along with the source of the site.

You can remove the copied lines and increase the uniqueness factor of the assignment and attain top grades in the exams.

Bottom Lines

Online writing tools have become a secret weapon for students that help them in generating unique assignments as well as polish the quality of the text.

In today’s article, we have talked about the list of best online writing tools that can assist students in their educational tasks.

All of these online tools are top-rated on the search engine and recommended by experts because of the authentic results.

You must try these AI-powered tools to make your assignment more appealing and get good grades in the exams.