Top 10 Best Websites to Learn Robotics for Free

Get ready for a thrilling adventure into the realm of robotics through our handpicked selection of the “Top 10 Best Websites to Learn Robotics for Free.” Whether you’re in middle school, high school, college, or just super curious about robots, these outstanding websites are here for you. They’re like your personal guides, offering tons of free resources and courses to help you understand and get creative with robotics. 

Which Programming Language is Suitable for Robotics?

Python and C++ are the most commonly recommended programming languages in the field of robotics.If you are a beginner and aiming to develop software applications for robots, my strong suggestion is to begin your journey with Python and then advance to C++. 

Python is known for its simplicity and versatility, making it a great choice for beginners. On the other hand, C++ offers better performance and control, making it ideal for more complex robotic applications.

10 Best Free Websites to Learn Robotics for Students

Let’s jump right in and explore the fantastic 10 free websites that will elevate your creativity in learning robotics to a whole new level!

#1. Coursera

Picture Coursera as a grand stage hosting a vast array of robotics knowledge from universities across the globe. These courses span from the basics to the advanced, providing lessons on the mechanics, control, and programming of robots. Dive into engaging lectures, quizzes, and assignments that will pave your way to robotics mastery. Coursera is like a treasure map guiding you through the maze of robotics expertise, perfect for those eager to flourish in this captivating field.


#2. Udemy

Imagine Udemy as a bustling marketplace teeming with experts ready to share their robotics wisdom. It’s a hub where you can find an assortment of robotics courses, both free and paid, tailored to your skill level and interests. Here, you can learn the art of robot programming, unravel the intricacies of designing autonomous systems, and more. Udemy’s user-friendly setup ensures that even beginners can embark on their robotics journey with confidence.


#3. ClassCentral

ClassCentral serves as a search engine for online courses, including robotics offerings from different platforms. It enables learners to discover and compare various free robotics courses, helping them find the most suitable ones. By aggregating courses from different sources, ClassCentral simplifies the process of locating valuable robotics content, making it a valuable tool for students seeking diverse learning opportunities.


#4. edX

edX offers robotics courses in collaboration with prestigious universities, covering an extensive range of topics within the field. Through video lectures, interactive assignments, and virtual labs, students can gain hands-on experience in programming, sensor integration, and robotics control. edX’s courses often include projects that challenge learners to apply their knowledge, ensuring a practical understanding of robotics concepts.


#5. FutureLearn

Envision FutureLearn as a lively marketplace for universities to showcase their robotics courses. This platform invites you to explore topics such as robot design, artificial intelligence, and the intriguing world of human-robot interaction. Engage in discussions, interact with peers, and delve into captivating content that caters to beginners and those with some prior knowledge, shaping a well-rounded understanding of robotics.


#6. MIT OpenCourseWare 

Think of MIT OpenCourseWare like a big box full of smart robot books. They give you these books for free so you can learn all about robots. It’s like having a robot teacher from MIT right in your room.


#7. Stanford Online Free Courses

Imagine Stanford Online as a place where you can go to robot school without leaving your house. They have classes that teach you robot secrets, like how robots see and move. It’s like having a super-smart friend show you all the cool robot tricks.


#8. Microsoft MakeCode

Microsoft MakeCode offers a user-friendly platform for students to explore coding through robotics projects. It is particularly well-suited for introducing coding concepts to younger learners. With its block-based interface and JavaScript text editor, MakeCode empowers students to code projects for various robotic platforms. From micro:bit to Lego Mindstorms EV3, MakeCode supports a range of devices, making it a valuable tool for beginners interested in hands-on robotics.

For Grades: 3-12

Price: Free


#9. The Robot Report

The Robot Report is a trusted news source for all things about robots. While not a course platform, it’s like a friendly newspaper that tells you exciting stuff happening in the world of robots. You can learn about new robots, what they’re doing, and what clever people are inventing to make robots even better. It’s like staying up-to-date with the coolest robot stories.


#10. RoboHub

RoboHub provides articles, blogs, and resources related to robotics and artificial intelligence. It serves as a knowledge hub for those seeking to explore deeper insights into robotics research, innovation, and applications. While not a traditional course provider, RoboHub offers valuable content that can complement your learning journey by providing a broader perspective on robotics trends and emerging technologies.



In conclusion, these remarkable top 10 free websites serve as your entry point into the captivating realm of robotics. Catering to various skill levels, these platforms hold a treasure trove of resources suitable for a diverse audience. Whether you’re a middle schooler, high school student, college attendee, or someone passionate about the subject, these websites empower you to comprehend both the fundamental and intricate aspects of robotics. Thus, take the leap, explore, and set off on a transformative journey that will enhance your insights and competencies in this dynamic field.

FAQs About Best Websites to Learn Robotics for Free

Can I Learn Robotics with Python Only?

Yes, you can absolutely learn robotics using Python alone. Python is a versatile language suitable for various robotic tasks, from control algorithms to simulations. While more performance-oriented applications might require C++, Python is a fantastic starting point for beginners and those focused on learning the fundamental concepts.

Is C++ Necessary for Advanced Robotics?

C++ is not always necessary for advanced robotics, but it’s highly beneficial. It provides low-level control and better performance, crucial for intricate robotic systems. However, depending on your specific project and goals, you might achieve impressive results using a combination of languages, including Python and C++.

Is it worthwhile to explore free online robotics courses?

Yes, free online robotics courses can be worth it, especially for beginners looking to explore the field. These courses often provide foundational knowledge, basic skills, and a taste of what robotics entails. However, for more advanced or specialized learning, considering paid courses or programs might offer deeper insights and hands-on experiences.

How much time will it take to learn robotics from these websites?

The time it takes to learn depends on your prior knowledge and how much time you can dedicate. Some courses might be shorter, while others could be more extensive.

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