Computer GK Questions with Answers Quiz 6

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Computer GK Questions with Answers Quiz 6
Subject CategoryComputer and IT
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Students, job seekers or professionals who are preparing for competitive exam, job interviews or job tests

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Computer GK Questions with Answers Online Quiz 6

1. Which communication system is used in mobile phones?
2. A type of computer threat which automatically plays and downloads ads and shows ad messages on screen
3. Which is fastest transmission media?
4. A program which is used to scan computer and remove viruses is known as
5. A program which needs an active host program that replicates itself and damage the computer
6. In MS excel the intersection of a row and column is called
7. A communication device which enables a computer to connect and communicate with other computers by using telephone lines is known as
8. A standalone program which don’t need human help to spread that can self-replicate and harm the computer
9. An MS excel file which consists of multiple worksheets is called
10. A navigation system which uses satellite to find the precise location, is called
11. The wireless technology used in Smart phones to exchange data over short distances is called
12. A type of Expansion card which is installed in computer in order to connect to the Internet is known as
13. Which device converts digital signal to analog and analog to digital?
14. A computer expert who steals personal details of users from websites without permission
15. How many sheet tabs are available by default in MS excel