Antonyms MCQs Most Frequently Asked Antonyms in Exams

In the following questions choose a word from the given options that is opposite in meaning to the given word. An antonym refers to a word that carries the opposite meaning of another.
Note: the correct answers are marked as bold.

Antonyms MCQs Set 1 Frequently Asked Questions

1. Choose the correct antonym of PARALLEL:
a. Oblique
b. Wavy
c. Curved
d. Random

2. Choose the correct antonym of PATHOLOGICAL:
a. Sick
b. Healthy
c. Selective
d. Unrealized

3. What is an antonym for DETACH?
a. Separate
b. Pack
c. Scratch
d. Ambulatory

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a. Arrhythmic
b. Bough
c. Harmonized
d. Chronological

5. Chaotic:
a. Immersive
b. Orderly
c. Hectic
d. Sorrow

6. Bombastic:
a. Creative
b. Artistic
c. Nice
d. Polite

7. Garrulous:
a. Taciturn
b. Funnel
c. Notable
d. Barren

8. Elevated:
a. Suspended
b. Moody
c. Subterranean
d. Fly

9. Redundant:
a. Insufficient
b. Expanded
c. Profound
d. Numerous

10. Inane:
a. Bawdy
b. Serious
c. Funny
d. Mature

11. Novel:
a. Formal
b. Ancient
c. Conventional
d. Customary

12. Manage:
a. Direct
b. Avail
c. Botch
d. Wild

13. Arid:
a. Plentiful
b. Dry
c. Productive
d. Wet

14. Impetuous:
a. Cautious
b. Considerate
c. Clever
d. Cunning

15. Engrossed:
a. Enriched
b. Groped
c. Disfigured
d. Detached

16. Luxuriant:
a. Desolate
b. Small
c. Decay
d. Ghastly

17. Gusto:
a. Jittery
b. Indurate
c. Stolidity
d. Distaste

18. Repulse:
a. Attract
b. Concentrate
c. Attend
d. Continue

19. Factitious:
a. Absurd
b. Organic
c. Brilliant
d. Engineered

20. Epilogue:
a. Speech
b. Dialogue
c. Strike
d. Prologue

21. Banish:
a. Desert
b. Embrace
c. Trespass
d. Dangle

22. Reject:
a. Eliminate
b. Accept
c. Acquire
d. Refuse

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23. Within:
a. Without
b. Below
c. Beyond
d. Among

24. Hardship:
a. Diversity
b. Adversity
c. Prosperity
d. Disaster

25. What is an antonym for “Dorsal”?
a. Dormant
b. Ventral
c. Abaxial
d. Central

26. Supervise:
a. Overlook
b. Misdirect
c. Manage
d. Condone

27. Culminate:
a. Thwart
b. Flunk
c. Abort
d. Climax

28. Acquit:
a. Exonerate
b. Blame
c. Punish
d. Indict

29. Scatter:
a. Sprinkle
b. Amass
c. Break
d. Dispel

30. Convene:
a. Invalid
b. Adjourn
c. Meet
d. Postpone

31. Choose the correct antonym of FILTHY:
a. Clean
b. Smutty
c. Stainless
d. Sterilized

32. Choose the correct antonym of PRUDENCE:
a. Senility
b. Lack of judgment
c. Peace
d. Unreal

33. What is an antonym for UNGAINLY?
a. Fruitful
b. Graceful
c. Honest
d. Knowledgeable

34. Unkempt:
a. Merciful
b. Neat
c. Doubtful
d. Compressed

35. Squander:
a. Preserve
b. Weep
c. Reserve
d. Forfeit

36. Voracious:
a. Edacious
b. Abstemious
c. Precise
d. Rapacious

37. Abominable:
a. Pleasant
b. Costly
c. Tiresome
d. Frightening

38. Plethora:
a. Parsimony
b. Allocation
c. Dearth
d. Restraint

39. Tempt:
a. Repel
b. Baffle
c. Misplace
d. Diminish

40. Bulge:
a. Deep recess
b. Strong dislike
c. Illusion
d. Chaos

41. Erratic:
a. Spotty
b. Industrious
c. Loyal
d. Urgent

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42. Faze:
a. Narrate
b. Enrage
c. Invigorate
d. Accomplish

43. Stilted:
a. Spontaneous
b. Laconic
c. Tentative
d. Enigmatic

44. Gravity:
a. Mirth
b. Influence
c. Civility
d. Holiness

45. Precursor:
a. Ascetic
b. Miser
c. Follower
d. Braggart

46. Neophyte:
a. Experienced person
b. Shy out looker
c. Social outcast
d. Fugitive

47. Injure:
a. Presumed
b. Deceptive
c. Faulty
d. Soothed

48. Deter:
a. Praise
b. Urge
c. Escalate
d. Complicate

49. Unscathed:
a. Honest
b. Injured
c. Cleaned
d. Assembled

50. Objurgate:
a. Belittle
b. Compare
c. Misjudge
d. Reward

51. Rowdy:
a. Buoyant
b. Absorbent
c. Orderly
d. Mellifluous

52. Diminution:
a. Measurement
b. Augmentation
c. Proximity
d. Orderliness

53 Tangle:
a. Disengage
b. Lambast
c. Consider genuinely
d. Answer hypothetically

54. Gamely:
a. Fearfully
b. Persevering
c. Cheerfully
d. Respectfully

55. What is an antonym for “Pulchritude”?
a. Aversion
b. Unsightliness
c. Lassitude
d. Inexperience

56. Vouchsafe:
a. Defer
b. Prohibit
c. Justify
d. Feign

57. Distend:
a. Collect
b. Tell the truth
c. Shrink
d. Approximate

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58. Withdraw:
a. Reduce
b. Want
c. Need
d. Advance

59. Secret:
a. Convert
b. Overt
c. Hidden
d. Friendly

60. Heartfelt:
a. Loving
b. Insincere
c. Unhealthy
d. Humorous

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