Antonyms MCQs Set 2 Frequently Asked Antonyms in Exams

In the following questions choose a word from the given options that is opposite in meaning to the given word. An antonym refers to a word that carries the opposite meaning of another.
Note: the correct answers are marked as bold.

Antonyms MCQs Set-2

1. Choose the correct antonym of “Impartial”:
a. Biased
b. Hostile
c. Dislike
d. Worried

2. Choose the correct antonym of “Luminous”:
a. Clear
b. Dim
c. Brittle
d. Clever

3. What is an antonym for AWE?
a. Borrow
b. Contempt
c. Low
d. Shallow

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4. Pit:
a. Group
b. Select
c. Marry
d. Peak

5. Rotund:
a. Thin
b. Round
c. Dull
d. Unimportant

6. Talent:
a. Ungrateful
b. Inability
c. Show
d. Silent

7. Common:
a. Strange
b. Uneasy
c. Quick
d. Fast

8. Brazen:
a. Boisterous
b. Heated
c. Bashful
d. Noisy

9. Expect:
a. Despair
b. Regret
c. Loathe
d. Attend

10. Malodorous:
a. Fragrant
b. Pungent
c. Acrid
d. Chaos

11. Expound:
a. Besmirch
b. Confuse
c. Clear
d. Confine

12. Pique:
a. Value
b. Gully
c. Soothe
d. Smooth

13. Abate:
a. Augment
b. Free
c. Provoke
d. Wane

14. Dearth:
a. Abundance
b. Lack
c. Poverty
d. Foreign

15. Peaked:
a. Tired
b. Arrogant
c. Ruddy
d. Pointy

16. Abridge:
a. Extend
b. Short
c. Easy
d. Stress

17. Kindle:
a. Discourage
b. Detest
c. Enemy
d. Smother

18. Meager:
a. Kind
b. Generous
c. Copious
d. Complicate

19. Philistine:
a. Novice
b. Intellectual
c. Pious
d. Debutante

20. Zenith:
a. Good
b. Nadir
c. Apex
d. Worst

21. Germane:
a. Indifferent
b. Impartial
c. Irrelevant
d. Improvident

22. Irascible:
a. Determined
b. Placid
c. Reasonable
d. Pliant

23. Approbate:
a. Condemn
b. Ingratitude
c. Dissatisfaction
d. Master

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24. Supercilious:
a. Meek
b. Relevant
c. Serious
d. Respectfully

25. What is an antonym for “Improvident”?
a. Proven
b. Cautious
c. Fortunate
d. Intelligent

26. Demur:
a. Crude
b. Embrace
c. Boisterous
d. Falter

27. Fatuous:
a. Crafty
b. Frugal
c. Sensible
d. Insane

28. Quiescent:
a. Lackadaisical
b. Dull
c. Prescient
d. Active

29. Sartorial:
a. Helpful
b. Cheerful
c. Sincere
d. Homespun

30. Sapient:
a. Hunched
b. Simple
c. Complex
d. Simian

31. Choose the correct antonym of “Matutinal”:
a. Crepuscular
b. Paternal
c. Maritime
d. Marsupial

32. Choose the correct antonym of “Impecunious”:
a. Cautious
b. Wealthy
c. Hungry
d. Tardy

33. What is an antonym for DETAIN?
a. Silence
b. Release
c. Forget
d. Prosper

34. FAMOUS is most opposite to:
a. Boring
b. Poor
c. Untalented
d. Obscure

35. Colossal:
a. Tiny
b. Easy
c. Graceful
d. Big

36. Fluid:
a. Liquid
b. Solid
c. Afraid
d. Decent

37. Continue is most opposite to:
a. Pause
b. Carry
c. Argue
d. Fast

38. Labor is most opposite to:
a. Amuse
b. Strive
c. Rest
d. Work

39. Brawny:
a. Weak
b. Swift
c. Strong
d. Pale

40. Fickle:
a. Steady
b. Kind
c. Finagle
d. Please

41. Inept:
a. Foolish
b. Competent
c. Clumsy
d. Insane

42. Pivotal:
a. Clear
b. Wavy
c. Unimportant
d. Unfortunate

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43. Cursed:
a. Lucky
b. Pious
c. Swore
d. Unfortunate

44. Candid:
a. Dishonest
b. Integrity
c. Unkind
d. Blunt

45. Flaunt:
a. Sink
b. Regard
c. Hide
d. Propose

46. Heal:
a. Maim
b. Foot
c. Sew
d. Good

47. Pacify:
a. Land
b. Coddle
c. Boring
d. Excite

48. Sullen:
a. Kind
b. Risen
c. Cheerful
d. Dirty

49. Assure:
a. Quite
b. Alarm
c. Unsure
d. Reassure

50. Fallacious:
a. Perfect
b. Accidental
c. Disarming
d. Truthful

51. Gumption:
a. Seriousness
b. Levity
c. Apathy
d. Despair

52. Ecstasy:
a. Hate
b. Agony
c. Fatigue
d. Pliant

53. Astute:
a. Gullible
b. Careful
c. Generous
d. Master

54. Winsome:
a. Dour
b. Attractive
c. Clever
d. Respectfully

55. What is an antonym for “Droll”?
a. Forget
b. Sedate
c. Charm
d. Absurd

56. Enigmatic:
a. Healthy
b. Obvious
c. Watchful
d. Falter

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57. Obtuse:
a. Crafty
b. Slim
c. Acute
d. Thick

58. Obsequious:
a. Lackadaisical
b. Clever
c. Clear
d. Domineering

59. Doleful:
a. Rich
b. Vivacious
c. Empty
d. Witty

60. Wanton:
a. Repast
b. Merciful
c. Vicious
d. Wrath

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