Antonyms MCQs Set 3 Frequently Asked Antonyms in Exams

In the following questions choose a word from the given options that is opposite in meaning to the given word. An antonym refers to a word that carries the opposite meaning of another.
Note: the correct answers are marked as bold.

Antonyms MCQs Set-3 Frequently Asked Questions

1. Choose the correct antonym of “Banal”:
a. Extraordinary
b. Sincere
c. Wealthy
d. Trustworthy

2. Choose the correct antonym of “Lugubrious”:
a. Cautious
b. Cheerful
c. Dry
d. Quick

3. What is an antonym for Perspicacious?
a. Silence
b. Dull
c. Calm
d. Easy

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4. ELAN is most opposite to:
a. Boring
b. Stupidity
c. Obscure
d. Despair

5. Recondite:
a. Manifest
b. Flexible
c. Provident
d. Big

6. Gainsay:
a. Prude
b. Own
c. Regret
d. Decent

7. Effluvium is most opposite to:
a. Fragrance
b. Land
c. Solid
d. Fast

8. Parsimony is most opposite to:
a. Amuse
b. Strive
c. Generosity
d. Verbosity

9. Truculent:
a. Gentle
b. Harsh
c. Facile
d. Pale

10. Spurious:
a. Genuine
b. Fake
c. Placid
d. Thoughtless

11. Welter:
a. Parton
b. Order
c. Freeze
d. Insane

12. Eclat:
a. Silence
b. Apathy
c. Dullness
d. Unfortunate

13. Gracious:
a. Rude
b. Gentle
c. Furious
d. Unfortunate

14. Valor:
a. Cowardice
b. Drop
c. Unkind
d. False

15. Severe:
a. Cautious
b. Join
c. Lenient
d. Propose

16. Imaginative:
a. Dull
b. Playful
c. Small
d. Good

17. Knowing:
a. Clumsy
b. Wasteful
c. Fast
d. Dense

18. Animosity:
a. Barren
b. Hatred
c. Love
d. Dirty

19. Exact:
a. Whole
b. Incorrect
c. Join
d. Reassure

20. Extravagant:
a. Unknown
b. Accidental
c. Punctual
d. Moderate

21. Stamina:
a. Seriousness
b. Clear
c. Weakness
d. Decisive

22. Rough:
a. Hate
b. Sleek
c. Tumble
d. Distant

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23. Garner:
a. Squander
b. Careful
c. Tarnish
d. Unravel

24. Prodigal:
a. Thrifty
b. Distant
c. Clever
d. Respectfully

25. What is an antonym for “Tacit”?
a. Illicit
b. Dictated
c. Grand
d. Messy

26. Repudiate:
a. Healthy
b. Admit
c. Argue
d. Wide

27. Pristine:
a. Crafty
b. Slim
c. Sullied
d. Free

28. Concede:
a. Lackadaisical
b. Sit
c. Dismiss
d. Withstand

29. Placate:
a. Rich
b. Enrage
c. Strip
d. Witty

30. Popular:
a. Famous
b. Uncommon
c. Vicious
d. Feisty

31. Choose the correct antonym of “Felicitous”:
a. Inopportune
b. Morbid
c. Boorish
d. Trustworthy

32. Choose the correct antonym of “Austere”:
a. Cautious
b. Lavish
c. Unfavorable
d. Devout

33. What is an antonym for Insipid?
a. Silence
b. Exciting
c. Cold
d. Brave

34. Wastrel is most opposite to:
a. Boring
b. Sober
c. Obscure
d. Miser

35. Temperate:
a. Inordinate
b. Celsius
c. Safely
d. Big

36. Nebulous:
a. Prude
b. Distinct
c. Dim
d. Cloudy

37. Adroit is most opposite to:
a. Clumsy
b. Left
c. Unpersuasive
d. Fast

38. Mite is most opposite to:
a. Tend
b. Weakness
c. Bulk
d. Verbosity

39. Supernal:
a. Hellish
b. Harsh
c. Special
d. Nocturnal

40. Reprobate:
a. Elevated
b. Sage
c. Dismiss
d. Thoughtless

41. Specious:
a. Parton
b. Genuine
c. Logical
d. Common

42. Effete:
a. Civilized
b. Conquer
c. Proper
d. Unfortunate

43. Rabble:
a. Union
b. Open
c. Order
d. Unfortunate

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44. Protean:
a. Unchanging
b. Selective
c. Elaborate
d. False

45. Vertiginous:
a. Litigious
b. Variable
c. Constant
d. Propose

46. Parvenu:
a. Wallflower
b. Highway
c. Melody
d. Good

47. Lapidarian:
a. Clumsy
b. Secular
c. Square
d. Inelegant

48. Tragic:
a. Barren
b. Boring
c. Comic
d. Mysterious

49. Able:
a. Whole
b. Inept
c. Careful
d. Willful

50. Tireless:
a. Broke
b. Accidental
c. Unfailing
d. Exhausted

51. Wean:
a. Seriousness
b. Flourish
c. Addict
d. Flush

52. Haste:
a. Frugal
b. Delay
c. Tumble
d. Solemnity

53. Malice:
a. Goodwill
b. Bitterness
c. Tarnish
d. Coddle

54. Permanent:
a. Fleeting
b. Loose
c. Unhappy
d. Fierce

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55. What is an antonym for “Attain”?
a. Crave
b. Lose
c. Credit
d. Messy

56. Taint:
a. Healthy
b. Purify
c. Worry
d. Cheer

57. Belittle:
a. Plain
b. Slim
c. Magnify
d. Torment

58. Tedious:
a. Lackadaisical
b. Frightening
c. Horrible
d. Pleasurable

59. License:
a. Allow
b. Restriction
c. Join
d. Witty

60. Frivolous:
a. Inexpensive
b. Serious
c. Pious
d. Feisty

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