Evolution Multiple Choice Questions MCQs with Answers

1. Who proposed a mechanism for evolution, which he termed Natural Selection?
a. Mendel
b. Darwin
c. Heisenberg
d. Chatton
Answer: b. Darwin

2. Which organs are functionally different but structurally alike?
a. Vestigial organs
b. Analogous organs
c. Homologous organs
d. Developed organs
Answer: c. Homologous organs

3. The innate tendency of offspring to resemble their parents is known as…?
a. Variation
b. Heredity
c. Inheritance
d. Resemblance
Answer: b. Heredity

4. The tendency of offspring to differ from Parents is known as…?
a. Variation
b. Heredity
c. Inheritance
d. Resemblance
Answer: a. Variation

5. The process has transformed life on earth from its earliest forms to the vast diversity is known as…?
a. Reproduction
b. Evolution
c. Succession
d. All of these
Answer: b. Evolution

6. Creationists believe in which of the following theories?
a. Theory of special creation
b. Theory of natural selection
c. Theory of evolution
d. All of these
Answer: a. Theory of special creation

7. Who proposed the Endosymbiotic hypothesis?
a. Lynn Margulis
b. Malthus
c. Linnaeus
d. Aristotle
Answer: a. Lynn Margulis

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8. Who published an essay on the “principle of population” in 1798?
a. Malthus
b. Aristotle
c. Darwin
d. Wallace
Answer: a. Malthus

9. Who explained earth’s history by catastrophism?
a. Lyell
b. Lynn Margulis
c. Georges Cuvier
d. Lamarck
Answer: c. Georges Cuvier

10. The prokaryotes may have arisen how many billions of years ago?
a. 3.5
b. 7.5
c. 8.5
d. 10
Answer: a. 3.5

11. Lamarck’s theory of evolution published in 1809 is often referred to as:
a. Natural selection
b. Inheritance of acquired characters
c. Survival of the fittest
d. Mutation theory
Answer: b. Inheritance of acquired characters

12. Initiating force of evolution is:
a. Mutation
b. Variation
c. Extinction
d. Adaptation
Answer: b. Variation

13. The earliest geological time period among the following is:
a. Cambrian
b. Permian
c. Jurassic
d. Quaternary

14. The experiment which simulated conditions thought to be present on the prebiotic Earth and tested the chemical origin of life under those conditions:
a. Miller–Urey experiment
b. Hershey–Chase experiment
c. Geiger–Marsden experiment
d. Schiehallion experiment
Answer: a. Miller–Urey experiment

15. Primordial soup is the hypothetical set of conditions present on the Earth around 3.7 to 4.0 billion years ago; first proposed by:
a. Charles Darwin
b. Dmitry Anuchin
c. Alexander Oparin
d. Nikolay Shatsky
Answer: c. Alexander Oparin

16. Which of the following is a missing link between birds and reptiles?
a. Pteranodon
b. Avimimus
c. Archaeopteryx
d. Caudipteryx
Answer: c. Archaeopteryx

17. What is common between Parrot, Platypus and kangaroo?
a. Toothless jaw
b. Functional post and tail
c. Oviparity
d. Homoiothermy
Answer: d. Homoiothermy

18. The common ancestor of apes and human is:
a. Ramapithecus
b. Dryopithecus
c. Homo erectus
d. Homo neanderthalensis
Answer: b. Dryopithecus

19. Which cannot be explained by Lamarckism?
a. Loss of tail by humans
b. Elongation by neck in Giraffe
c. Weak progeny of a Nobel laureate
d. None of these
Answer: c. Weak progeny of a Nobel laureate

20. What is the main feature of Darwin’s theory of evolution?
a. Inheritance of acquired characters
b. Natural selection
c. Mutation
d. All of these
Answer: b. Natural selection

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